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Abby Rose.
You can't live for tomorrow, until you live for today.
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I was so completely against it. Just a solid no fucking way. But somewhere deep down a little part of me was more than 50% one way. I feel like that’s how it usually is for most decisions but we don’t realize it. Everyone has a conscience, even if it’s been very very clouded over! Sometimes we just can’t reach it correctly. So I went to therapy again. But this time I tried a different lady. And it was partially just to please my parents because I’ve put them through enough (that realization alone being part of why I don’t need therapy as much anymore!) but also because I’m a very curious person and open to trying new things often. And it turns out I actually really really liked her. I feel so much more…comfortable. There’s something to be said for someone who doesn’t just sit there analyzing you and taking notes the whole time, but actually listens and talks to you, not one bit judgmental. That’s how it’s supposed to be. As well as the fact that I’m starting to see the differences between psychologists and social workers, at least in practice. Psychologists seem to rely way too much on their book knowledge! Like omigod can you just listen to me for once without making snap judgments and trying to match me up with the diagnostic patterns you’ve learned! The point is to use that knowledge to guide you in making decisions. School should be meant to teach you HOW to think, not teach you WHAT to think. Learn how to deal with it yourself. I mean that’s what you want ME to do, right?


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