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You can't live for tomorrow, until you live for today.
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German street art from Graffiti World

German street art from Graffiti World

As humans we are all natural problem solvers. That’s just life; we see something wrong, and we automatically want to find a solution. But I always thought that was just too….quick. Everyone moves so fast these days. When are we gonna stop and just live! This is how we miss things. Some things just take time to understand. I guess I’m a little biased because this is what I’ve had to live with since I was a kid; taking more time to really focus in on things and get them down pat. They always thought I wasn’t paying attention to anything, but really I was paying attention to EVERYTHING! I’m just very curious. I’m more interested in the why and how and the process of things than the actually answer, that’s just a side benefit. What’s the point of just jumping so quickly from the beginning to the end? Remember that ever so essential middle section people! What are you, late for the train? Where are you going to fit yourself in in the world if you’re just following everyone else. I hate structures and patterns. That’s why I hate my english teacher and her 5 paragraph thesis essays ahaha. This is also why religion is such a weird thing for me. I can’t fully trust something if I don’t know anything myself. Trusting is believing, and my mind is not satisfied until I can believe something, and that involves either knowledge from research or experience. Don’t take anything for granted, and don’t ever think you don’t matter. You are the most important person in your life, and you’ll always regret it if your questions aren’t answered. Find your own vision of the world. This is your LIFE. Live it.

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School fucking sucks. Agreed?
Friday November 12th 2010 | tags:  want  you  to  make  me  feel  like  i'm  the  only  girl  in  the  world  rihanna  love 
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